"Stranger things have happened"...
Jason Gregory
17:28 22nd October 2007

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has not ruled out the possibility of The Smiths reforming.

Despite former frontman Morrissey insisting that the band would not be getting back together earlier this year, Marr has said that “stranger things have happened.”

He added: “Not much stranger things, but stranger things have happened. So you know who knows.”

Marr, who is now part of Modest Mouse, said that for now he’s more keen on talking about his latest career path.

“Right now I am personally working in a band that I have been in for the last 2 years, with Modest Mouse,” he told the BBC.

“You know we are doing a lot of good stuff and kind of strikes me, hits me with surprise really whenever I’m asked it because I'm like well if you are interested in what I'm doing, there is a record I put out in February that a lot of people like so why would I want to talk about a band I was in 20 years ago.”

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