Geoff Barrow comments on 'In Rainbows'...
Scott Colothan

14:13 12th October 2007

Speaking on Portishead’s blog, band lynchpin Geoff Barrow took time to have a cheeky swipe at Radiohead’s radical way of releasing their new album ‘In Rainbows.’

Under the title ‘Amy gets caught sober… or some other shit news’, he ambiguously wrote the following:

“So for free is it? well fuking great. so if you get our album for nothing or very little , does that mean i can get my boiler fixed for free... --------i could tell the plumber that its all for the love of sharing and its to combat the evil money grabbing corperation that is zanussi. sure he will understand. also im not having a pop at radiohead they are fuking good and clever with it. anyways im sure it will all become clear at some point.”

Buried beneath it, he revealed the more pressing news that Portishead are at the mixing stage of the album, before adding: "As to the new album , we met the label the other day which was good , i dont think we scared them too much..well mabey a little. going to london to have a listen in a proper studio soon but until then were just mixing the stumps ,stems.whatever. ---------thinking about names ---------films looking really good".

Err, right.

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