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Jason Gregory

10:32 1st October 2007

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Ozzy Osbourne’s brother-in-law has said that his sister – Sharon Osbourne – is driving her husband to death.

David Arden claims that the rocker’s punishing schedule – which he claims may include a Black Sabbath tour - is being controlled by his sister and that “she will keep Ozzy on the road until, like Tommy Cooper, he dies on stage.”

Arden also told the Sun that Osbourne has to tour so much because of his sisters “exorbitant spending”

He did add, however, that the rocker “wouldn’t know what to do if he ever retired.”

Sharon Osbourne’s brother has made the revelations following reports that she is to tell ‘false’ truths about their family history in her second autobiography.

The siblings are reported to have fallen out at the funeral of their father, Don, earlier this year.

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