Band to come together over lunch...
Jason Gregory

15:49 27th September 2007

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Blur’s Alex James has exclusively told Gigwise that all four members of the band will reunite next week over lunch.

The lunch meeting will be the first time that the band have been together in the same room since guitarist Graham Coxon left the group in 2002.

“We are having lunch on Monday which is nice, I’m not sure where,” explained the bassist. “If we can all agree on where to have lunch that will be a very good start.”

James was talking on the set of MobileACT – a new talent show in association with Sony Ericsson and Orange which will make its TV debut on Channel 4’s T4 in the coming weeks.

When asked about recent revelations that the band are going to spend a week in the studio together, James said: “God knows, God knows, but it [lunch] will be the first time the four of us have met for a good few years.”

Although James initially sounded sceptical when asked about the prospect of reuniting, the bassist admitted it would be good to play the band’s old songs once again.

“I don’t think we’d do that reforming and playing ‘Parklife’ anymore, I don’t know if Damon and Graham would be up for that” he said, before admitting, “mind you it’s a good song…what the fuck.”

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