And Martin Luther King...
Daniel Melia

15:30 27th September 2007

Kanye West’s mother has compared the Hip Hop star to the likes of Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Jesus.

Donda West was speaking about her son ahead of her appearance at this weekend’s Baltimore Book Festival.

She was asked whether her upbringing of Kanye in a middle class, intellectual environmenthad helped him bring a more positive voice to Hip Hop.

She told the Baltimore Sun: "I do think that Kanye is a voice that can definitely be used and should be used not only in hip-hop but across the arts, period.

“I think he is broader than a genre. … I think he has a calling to reach a number of people. Kanye keeps it real. He touches the people.

“You never know how words can save a person's life, physically or otherwise. People like Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi or, in my view, Barack Obama, or Jesus Christ — people whose job it is to tell the truth — I see that in Kanye.

“Now, people like you are gonna go, 'Oh, Kanye's mom said he's like Jesus!' but … when you have a gift, you didn't get it by yourself. … Your truth is your truth.”

It looks like egos run in the family!

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest