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Jason Gregory

13:33 10th September 2007

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Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno has revealed that he’s written a Syd Barrett inspired song for the band’s third album. 

Despite only just finishing touring commitments for their 2006 album, ‘Empire,’ Pizzorno said that the band will go into their hometown studio in Leicester in a few weeks to work on the new material.

“I’ve got one tune that sounds like Syd Barrett man, like acoustic. But I don’t see it as doing eleven songs that way, it will probably just be in there with loads of other things.”

Pizorno added that after a summer of festivals - which included the band making their UK main-stage debut at the Isle Of Wight festival in June – the new material would sound even bigger than their previous work.

“The songs that we have at the moment are really cool you know and really kind of like 60’s records but produced like a techno record or a hip-hop record even - so it’s really interesting.”

The band will once again self produce the record, although Pizzorno revealed that they would consider using an 'open-minded' producer

“A lot of people don’t realise it but we have [produced] the first two records so yeah we’ll just carry on that way. I don’t want it to sound like a radio record you know. Although it’s important to go on the radio, it’s not important to us so.

“I want someone who is prepared to really open their mind and make music for the people that buy it you know – if that makes sense. You know, the people that really dig music who aren’t fucking bothered about radio.”

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