Over co-songwriting credit....
Chris Taylor

11:24 8th September 2007

Amy Winehouse has settled a copyright infringement suit over a song from her album 'Back To Black' out of court.

The singer has agreed to pay songwriter and producer P*Nut - real name John Harrison - a share of the copyright from the song and payment of costs for co-writing the song 'He Can Only Hold Her'.

P*Nut received only a thankyou, and no songwriting credit, when the album was released last year.

His solicitor says, "This represents a very satisfactory outcome for P*Nut, who considered his contribution to the song to be perfectly obvious.

“He was therefore extremely disappointed not to receive the credit he deserved on Amy’s album and furthermore at the extent of the resistance he encountered in securing his fair share of the copyright.

“Whilst Amy and her publishers took the matter to the brink, P*Nut is pleased that common sense has prevailed and he is now looking forward to seeing his contribution properly recognised on future exploitation of this song.”