everything from driving guitars and simple acoustics to crude electronic drumming and weird psychedelic-like sampling...
Matt Clutton

12:49 5th September 2007

Spawned from the uncertainties and bitter distain of being unemployed Pagan Wanderer Lu began his musical career writing and recording his own individual blend of unabashed pop/rock from his spare bedroom with little more than a trusty guitar and a groove box for company. Deciding to put pen to paper and release his inner gremlins through the power of music, PWL was forced to dabble in home recording which through trial and error and a great deal of dedication resulted in an end product fit to grace the top tables of the Welsh lo-fi music scene.

Drawing together his inner most thoughts and feelings, imaginative tales of life, personal protests and more importantly his troublesome life in the early years, the unusually titled, reissued 'Build Library Here' puts it's point across with some straight talking tell-it-how-it-is lyrics. Set against everything from driving guitars and simple acoustics to crude electronic drumming and weird psychedelic-like sampling, this creative Blue Peter styled singer, songwriter and musician shows the sheer diversity of his muse.

PWL for any avid music fan will strike accord with the music of Das Wanderlust with their home-baked recording style and ability to create lyrically rich and impressive tracks but with an end product upsettingly poor in it's orchestration and crude instrumentals. With overly aggressive sampling, more often than not there is a yearning from most to pull both ears off just so you have something to throw at the sound system. PWL's album has this same feeling in part. Poorly timed with agitated, random sampling much of the music is turned from experimental genius to mentally deranged teenage music class gone wrong in a flash. Tracks like 'Good Christian/ Bad Christian' and '(Sick of) Playing Solo' bring this off putting factor to the fore front. With the first quarter of the album filled similarly, its experimental but not the best initiation to the music of PWL.

The album does however improve with tracks like '2 Bullets' and 'Yr On My Shoulder' which are impressive acoustical numbers but find themselves encompassing a chain of mediocre electronically themed songs. This album is a reissue, whilst it shows some creative experimentation and good acoustics perhaps the reissue wasn't necessary.