The first time in 20 years...
Scott Colothan
14:17 28th August 2007

Marillion performed onstage with original front man Fish for the first time in nearly 20 years, at a Buckinghamshire festival on Sunday (August 26).  

Fish – real name Derek Dick – left the group in 1988 in what was at the time thought to be an acrimonious split, but later became friends again with the band.  

The band joined Fish onstage for a rendition of the band’s debut single ‘Market Square Heroes’ at the Hobble on the Cobblesevent in Market Square, Aylesbury – the place where the band formed.

Speaking to the BBC after the performance, Fish said that fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a full band reunion.

He said: "It was great. It was just a load of fun. But nothing should be read into it. I think it just proves that we're actually friends.

"There's always been these rumours that there's some sort of animosity between us but that went a long, long time ago."