He tells Geoff Barrow to grow up...
Scott Colothan
17:00 13th August 2007

Following Geoff Barrow of Portishead’s rant against Mark Ronson, the re-mixer supremo has posted an equally acidic retort on his Myspace.

Obviously offended by Ronson’s re-working of classic tunes on the Version album, and his audacity to re-mix Bob Dylan, Barrow wrote on the band’s Myspace: “it takes an amazing talent to turn decent songs into shit funky supermarket muzak”.

Not one to take it lying down, Ronson responds on his own blog, stating, “In reference to your blog insulting my ‘muzak’, grow the fuck up and go back to doing what you did in the early 90's--making monumental music.” 

He then adds: “Then maybe, again, your music will be popular enough to be played in supermarkets, like it once was.”

Ouch!  Geoff, we await your reaction!