Following their next tour
Daniel Melia
16:40 10th August 2007

Dartz! have announced that they’re to go on an “brief hiatus” after they complete their upcoming set of UK dates.

The North East trio are set to tour in September but say they have no plans after that to hit the road on these shores.

Talking about the bands history and future guitarist Henry Carden said: “We wanted to do a tour of small venues, with the gigs being put on by DIY promoters who helped us out when we first started the band.

“For the most part, they might not be the kind of places that you would ordinarily expect to see us playing these days – but for our last UK dates for a while, we wanted to do things our way.”

He continued: “As much as we’ve loved doing some of the bigger tours that we’ve done, you lose a lot of control. Ticket prices can start to feel a bit uncomfortable, support bands just seem to be chosen at random by a suit in an office and a lot of the venues have a complete lack of character or soul. One thing you can’t accuse The Jockey in Wakefield of is lacking character!”

“When we started the band at the beginning of 2005, we never imagined for one moment that it was going to become such a massive part of our lives.

“I’m glad it did, because it’s been an incredible experience, but for us to progress musically and for us to make sure that album two is even better than album one, we feel that we need to take a bit of time out to concentrate on some non-band things.

“Philip and William are both off to Uni, and I’ll be forcing nu-rave kids to listen to Fleetwood Mac in Middlesbrough’s finest night spot.

“There’s talk of heading back over to Spain before the year ends and possibly going to the USA and Canada early next year, but as for UK dates, these September gigs may be our last for a while. We’ll see…”

Their forthcoming dates are:

London, Water Rats – August 31
Wakefield, The Jockey – September 7
Nottingham, The Old Angel – 8
Brighton, The Greenhouse Effect – 10
Kingston, The Peel – 11
Cambridge, The Portland Arms- 12
Leeds, The Packhorse – 13
Middlesbrough, The Empire

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