'V is for Vagina'...
Daniel Melia
08:33 2nd August 2007

Tool front man Maynard James Keenan has revealed more about the first album from his side project Puscifer.

Out on October 30 via Puscifer Entertainment the record will feature the likes of Devo, Milla Jovovich, Lisa Germano, Micah and Jonny Polonsky.

Speaking to Rolling Stone Keenan said of the project: “I’ve been assigned to be the guardian of a highly classified, highly effective Sonic Weapon of Mass Disruption.

“This sonic technology when ‘unleashed,’ if you will, causes parts of the anatomy to vibrate uncontrollably. … Their bodies will appear to be abducted by the Soul Train, as if J.Lo were auditioning for the ‘Thriller’ video.”

Confused? Wait until you hear the title of the album – ‘V Is For Vagina’ – we kid you not.