Unusual collaboration to feature on new CD/DVD…
Jason Gregory

12:15 31st July 2007

Lou Reed has teamed up with the German contemporary classical music ensemble Zeitkratzer for a new CD and DVD.

Released on September 3rd, the collaboration provides an alternative take on Reed’s 1975 album 'Metal Machine Music.'

One of the most misunderstood albums of its time because it was made mostly of feedback – Zeitkrater’s saxophone player, Ulrich Krieger, transcribed the album into an acoustic music score for Zeitkratzer to be able to play live.

The DVD, ‘Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music - Performed by Zeitkratzer Live,’ was shot at MaerMusic Haus Der Berliner in March 2002 and includes an exclusive interview with Lou Reed.

The CD of the performance will be available in three parts over one disc.