Injury is worse than first thought...
Jason Gregory

18:48 26th July 2007

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Klaxons bass player Jamie Reynolds has broken his leg – forcing the band to cancel an upcoming tour of Australia.

As we reported yesterday, Reynolds injured himself when he jumped from the stage at a festival in France on Saturday (July 21).

Early reports suggested that the bass player had only fractured his ankle, but now – a personal message on the band’s Myspace states that things are worse than first thought.

In the post Reynolds said: “This one goes out to the good people of Australia as you're going to be the ones mainly affected by today’s news.

“For those of you that the story of last weeks festival in Angouleme hasn't yet seeped through I’ll give you the shortened and less painful version.

”As per usual I jumped from the stage on the final song of the set so as get that little closer, only this time I’d drastically misjudged the approx 12' distance between the stage and the grass and landed with a larger than expected velocity on my right foot .

“The result has left me in hospital until they let me out in an hours time with a broken tibia (the bone between the knee and the foot) and a 3" plate to hold the break in place.

”The doctors say that if I spend the next two weeks with the foot elevated then there is a chance of a recovery without further complications but the result is that we've had to cancel next weeks Australian tour until some point in the future.

”So...A big apology to all those who've bought tickets for the gigs and just to say how gutted we are to be missing out on this trip.”

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