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Dale Maplethorpe
14:54 26th May 2023

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After having her initial progress as an artist stunted by the pandemic, Tragic Sasha is starting to find her feet once again, beginning to rack up more popularity and truly finding her sound, as can be heard in the new EP, ‘The End Of The World’.

Described by NOTION as someone, “with an eye for the unusual,” Tragic Sasha’s new EP is a lot of fun to listen. The bass is subby and low and the themes are pretty dark, but the tracks are still those which can easily be used for nodding your head to. It’s hard to escape that this is a milestone for the singer and something which will be referred back to as a turning point later in her career.

“This EP is probably some of the darkest stuff I’ve released to date,” she said about her new project. “I wanted to whole EP to have a dark undertone running throughout the tracks, as they’ve come out of a tumultuous time – written mostly in the UK during the pandemic, Brexit etc, and now being released in a cost of living crisis and environmental chaos.”

I like the EP a lot, Sasha has a great voice and the production is tight, I will say though that there is a slight element of repetition there. There are only 5 songs on this project but it feels like there more. Song structure and instrumentation remain similar and as such, the whole thing begins to feel a bit more drawn out than it needs to be.

All in all though it’s a great testament to her ability as a singer and songwriter and marks what is sure to be a promising career.

Check out the EP, ‘The End Of The World’ now


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