"Everything fine... it's just fine..."
Lucy Harbron
11:21 24th March 2022

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Providing an anthem for the times, CIEL have released ‘Fine Everything’, the musical equivalent of that meme of the dog in a burning room.

Continuing their unique brand that mixes dream-pop and shoegaze with heavier elements, ‘Fine Everything’ glides between audio highs and lows like the rollercoaster of emotions we’re all living on. Moving in a grittier direction from their previous releases, this new track suggests a darker side to come on the upcoming EP as it leads us into a new CIEL era with big guitar sounds. 

Talking of the track, lead singer Michelle said; ‘“It’s about coming of age, and not really knowing how to navigate life. The doubts and difficulties that involve making life-changing decisions, yet maybe not being ready growing up, when all your friends are."

"I was thinking of how so many people lost touch with their inner gut feeling and instincts, and how all the possibilities in life can feel so overwhelming sometimes. It’s almost kind of easier to stay oblivious to it instead of digging deep into your mind.”

‘Fine Everything’ is out now

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