And the music video is creepy as hell
Vicky Greer
11:22 9th July 2021

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Ahead of her highly anticipated second album release on 30 July, Billie Eilish has shared another single with ‘NDA’. Returning to the darker alt-pop that brought her to fame in the beginning, she shows off her creative vision with an eerie self-directed music video.

With a darker, almost creeper beat and near-whispered lyrics, ‘NDA’ shows off what Billie does best and builds up in tension and raw emotion as the song goes on. The music video sees the singer walk down an empty road at night, with glitching images and shadowy figures straight from a horror movie, before cars come swerving around her.

Each single from the new album has been met with enthusiasm and critical acclaim, and it looks like Billie Eilish could take awards season by storm for a second time with Happier Than Ever.

Happier Than Ever arrives 30 July

Happier Than Ever tracklist:

  1. Getting Older
  2. I Didn’t Change My Number
  3. Billie Bossa Nova
  4. my future
  5. Oxytocin
  7. Lost Cause
  8. Halley’s Comet
  9. Not My Responsibility
  10. OverHeated
  11. Everybody Dies
  12. Your Power
  13. NDA
  14. Therefore I Am
  15. Happier Than Ever
  16. Male Fantasy

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