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Vicky Greer
10:28 29th June 2021

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Wings of Desire are back today with a new single, ‘Choose A Life’. Along with the new song comes the announcement that they will be releasing their new EP, Amun-Ra 13 August on WMD Recordings.

Looking at the different ways that society expects us to live our lives, urging us to choose our own path and break free from the roles expected of us. The chorus, “Choose your life/ Get a job/ Find a wife/ Fuck it all” is particularly memorable, a statement of intent after the long period that we’ve had to reflect.

The upbeat, atmospheric guitars fit seamlessly with nostalgic lyrics and music video visuals. The 8mm music video reminds us of the days before restrictions and adds even more depth to the song.

The duo said:

“Choose A Life is about our automated programming which convinced us that once we get ‘there’ we will be happy. That once we’ve acquired the material check list we will be fulfilled, but this is never the case. The song explores finding joy in the smaller moments of the everyday, the mundane, those micro expressions that we take for granted. And realising that you don’t have to bend the world to make your mark. That it's better to just enjoy it." 

Amun-Ra will be released 13 August on WMD Recordings.

Amun-Ra Tracklist:

  1. Choose A Life
  2. Better Late Than Never
  4. Forgive & Forget

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