A companion piece to 2020’s Monument LP
Joe Smith
11:03 17th June 2021

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With seven new and delicately-crafted tracks on the horizon from Keaton Henson on a just-announced EP called Fragments, we’ll warn you in advance to get your tissues ready: it’s going to be an emotional one. 

Written at a similar period to Monument, the Fragments EP drifts through a steady melancholy, stopping only briefly to examine moments of a bleak hopefulness. Keaton Henson’s voice is steeped in both misery and anticipation, waiting patiently for the time where things might just be okay. 

On new single, ‘Before Growing Old’, Henson takes his signature mournfulness but scatters it with glimmers of bittersweet joy. With bleakly beautiful harmonies and a gentle acoustic progression, it seems to call to the autumn, and basks itself in an oncoming cold.

The EP also features a collaboration with Julien Baker, where the two songwriters share moments of hushed melodies and an innate connection of the understanding of their craft.

The Fragments EP arrives 3 September.

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