Robert Smith features on it too!
Joe Smith
18:04 2nd June 2021

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Following 2018’s Love Is Dead, CHVRCHES fourth album, Screen Violence, will be released on 27 August. It will mark a decade of the band being together. Both ‘How Not To Drown’, featuring Robert Smith and previous single ‘He Said She Said’ will feature on the record.

‘How Not To Drown’ presents the perfect pairing of Lauren Mayberry’s and Robert Smith’s vocals, resulting in a bleakly beautiful track that is very much a sign of what’s to come next.

Speaking of the album, Mayberry said:

“I think for me it was helpful to go into the process with the idea that I could write something escapist almost. That felt freeing initially, to have concepts and stories to weave your own feelings and experiences through but in the end, all the lyrics were definitely still personal.” 

Screen Violence will be with us 23 August via EMI Records. Preorder here.

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