Hypnotic power-pop that refuses to conform
Vicky Greer
11:32 28th May 2021

Sophie and the Giants are back with another hit with their new single ‘Don’t Ask Me To Change’, out now via EMI Records. It’s an anthem of independence with a visually striking music video to match.

Sophie and the Giants have long been building up a good reputation for putting out hit after hit, and ‘Don’t Ask Me To Change’ is no exception with its catchy hooks, massive power-pop choruses and infectious beats. On top of that, it spreads a powerful message of refusing to change yourself based on what other people think of you, with an impressive music video.

Singer Sophie Scott explains:

“I wrote this song at a time when I was at a crossroads and examining my relationships with people. Every time I discovered something new about myself, I’d feel the compulsion to repress it slightly and minimise my true self to avoid being judged or losing people. I wrote ‘Don’t Ask Me To Change’ when I finally decided “fuck that”, because if they really loved me I wouldn’t have to make those compromises.”

Sophie and the Giants will be playing a show at London’s Lafayette 27 September.

Photo: Press