Jessie Atkinson
11:28 4th May 2021

Punk band The Tuts and Ren from Petrol Girls have been joined by Kathleen Hanna for a new single 'Solidarity Not Silence'. It hopes to raise funds for a legal fight against an alleged abuser who is hitting the women with an expensive libel case. 

A moving choir of punk voices join together on the single, which tells the story of the court case and its origins in 2016. "We will not shut up!" Nadia Javed sings in a show of admirable stoicism.

In a statement, the Solidarity Not Silence collective said: “At the end of the day, we’re musicians not lawyers. We can’t fight this case without the help of our lawyers, but what we can do, is use our skills and resources as musicians to tell our story, and build the momentum that we need to expand our fundraising campaign and keep covering our legal costs.” 

Support the single and donate to the Crowdfunder here. 

Photo: Martyna WIsniewska