A nostalgic trip down memory lane
Joe Beer
16:01 26th March 2021

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Los Angeles alt-rock band SLUGS have dropped a woozy banger entitled 'I Could Do Better'. Exploring themes of sobriety, missing the naivety of being a carefree child and the highs and lows of finding oneself during a detox, 'I Could Do Better' is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The tune has a muffled entrance with wavering, light, tapping drums and a rippling guitar, clicking into a more clear sound. Adding in a face-melting electric riff it emanates the ultimate rocking, hippy vibe. The song has a building drum arrangement that burns bright alongside the electric riffs taking the song through both an exotic ride, as well as a modern trippy twist. As the song builds, so does the passion and we get to hear the true emotion behind the lyrics.


"I Could Do Better" is the second track to be released off of the band's upcoming album due this year.

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