Part of Daddy's Home, officially announced today
Jessie Atkinson
13:57 4th March 2021

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St. Vincent has made good on teases that she's coming back this year with a new single and attached video: 'Pay Your Way In Pain' is the first taste of a May album entitled Daddy's Home.

Dirty funk dripping in synths, bending guitar strings and treated vocals are the order of the day for this new music: perhaps it's more of the same on Daddy's Home. Or perhaps not. This is St. Vincent after all, and anything goes.

In St. Vincent's own words: "Daddy's Home collects stories of being down and out in downtown NYC.  Last night's heels on the morning train. Glamour that's been up for three days straight.”

Daddy's Home Tracklist:

1. Pay Your Way In Pain
2. Down And Out Downtown
3. Daddy’s Home
4. Live In the Dream
5. The Melting Of The Sun
6. The Laughing Man
7. Down
8. Somebody Like Me
9. My Baby Wants A Baby
10. …At The Holiday Party
11. Candy Darling

Daddy's Home arrives 14 May via Loma Vista Recordings.

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Photo: Zackery Michael