An intoxicating meeting of East and West
Jessie Atkinson
16:48 23rd February 2021

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LVRA - she of the excellent debuts 'U Should Be In Love With Me' and 'U Don't Have To Like Me' - continues to develop her twisted alt-pop sound today with new single 'Dead'. Its the first hint of a second EP.

Still just twenty, 'Dead' is LVRA's first offering of the new year, following last year's LVCID EP. East meets West in the sounds and visuals for the new track, reflecting LVRA's own Scottish-Chinese roots. 

“There's a unique power you gain when you stop caring about what people think of you,” says LVRA, real name Rachel Lu, "it’s an ongoing battle, though, and ‘DEAD’ is about the conflict between the fantasy of not caring and how you feel in reality."

A second EP will follow this summer.

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