'My shameless Phantom-Fan Fiction'
Jessie Atkinson
12:23 23rd February 2021

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TikTok star Elle Lexxa has finally shared 'Lucifer': the song she's been teasing on her social media posts for weeks. A dark, baroque pop song, it's a powerful reintroduction to the stylish new star.

Alight with 808s and ominous synths, 'Lucifer' is a fantastic combination of hair-raising pop à la Billie Eilish and haunting historic vibes. It's an accurate representation of Lexxa's own aesthetic: a mash-up of the contemporary and her '18th century hot girl' style.

"Why am I the way I am, asked the TikTok fam. I grew up in a Victorian house, surrounded by 19th century dolls and antiques" Lexxa offers, "I fell hard for the NeoVictorian/Steampunk world in the late 2010's, headlined by trips to see Phantom of the Opera whenever I could scrape together enough money for a ticket."

"Lucifer’ is my shameless Phantom-Fan Fiction."

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