A swirling journey of vibrant psychedelics
Laviea Thomas
11:10 20th November 2020

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Oxford collective Mandrake Handshake have returned with new single ‘Gonkulator' and it’s swirling in technicoloured riffs, smooth vocals and bluesy instrumentals.

In July the group released buoyant and funk fused ‘Mandragora,’ leading them to critical acclaim and bagging them a record deal with Nice Swan Records (Sports Team, Hotel Lux, Dead Pretties). Since then, the group have received a lot of deserved attention.

Today they’re back with a second single release of this year. ‘Gonkulator’ is an idiosyncratic journey of rhythmic lyricism and lose instrumentals. Giving you a pinch of nostalgia as your mind takes you to a hot summer, friends, booze, and just happier moments.

Shimmering 70s aesthetic from their sound to their hair and make-up, Mandrake Handshake are an experimental collective shimmering some of the most fluid, and hypnotising psychedelics in funk-rock music right now.

‘Gonkulator’ takes you on a guitar-driven passage of vivid and earthy images. It’s so tranquil, it’s impossible to feel anything else going on around you. Frontwoman Trinity Oksana and Liv Duval’s vocals fluidly overlap through gentle harmonies, clinging onto the melodic guitar and rhythmic drums.

In ‘Gonkulator’ we see Mandrake Handshake work together like an orchestral Tour de France.

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Photo: Lola Stephen