It’s the first in a trilogy of new singles exploring the broken modern world
Narzra Ahmed
09:00 9th September 2020

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London-based duo Wings of Desire are asking 'why?' with their debut single ‘001’ amongst a cacophony of fizzing guitars and pulsing synths.

Named after Wim Wenders’ 1987 German film, with ‘001’ they are taking a philosophical approach to their music. In a press note the band state that they draw inspiration from psychological revolution, visual arts, and 20th century counterculture and have created music for a disenfranchised generation. They take influence from readings such as Noam Chomsky’s work “Manufacturing Consent” or the lectures of writer and philosopher Alan Watts. Listen to the powerful and euphoric debut track below:

The band comment: "Is it our burning desires which will lead us and our planet to our ultimate destruction? Or will strength, love and unity lead us to a new beginning? A grand reset... our year zero.”

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