It's a fiery second statement from the Glasgow post-punks
Matty Pywell
09:48 24th July 2020

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Budding post-punk outfit Dead Pony have followed up April's debut single with a new offering. 'Sharp Tongues' is another powerful intro to Glasgow's latest scene players. 

Not a second goes by on this track without it sounding absolutely pissed off. The Glasgow punks - led by vocalist Anna Shields - are on a path of utter contempt: riffs claw at the walls and the tempo is ramped up to max speed.

This is a statement piece from a band looking to rise on their own pinnacle from the thriving Scottish scene:

On the new song Anna said: “’Sharp Tongues’ is written about those people who absolutely grind your ears. Those people who are hellbent on spreading gossip and starting rumours. They are so unfulfilled with their boring lives, that to add a bit of spice they rely on stirring the pot and starting shit with people. I bet everyone had at least one person spring to mind after reading that and that is who this song is about”.

It follows 'Everything Is Easy', a track we said is "anchored by a chunk of grunge and the spin of a pop disco ball."

Angry, loud and a massive middle finger to people determined to give you misery, ‘Sharp Tongues’ by Dead Pony is out now.

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Photo: Daniel Blake