Chillwave in the spirit of Ibiza
Jessie Atkinson
17:26 30th June 2020

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Ernest Greene aka Washed Out has announced his first album in three years. Purple Noon will arrive this summer on Sub Pop. You can get a taste for the LP on a brand new single out now. 'Time to Walk Away' lands with a gritty, touching video about breaking up.

If you fancy a cry then watch the video that goes along with this new single, because a more visceral representation of a break-up you won't find today. The tender touch of remembered moments splice with the agony of parting in these visuals.

They pair with a poppy dance track that's there for you club weepers:

The video is actually a reinterpretation of a short film shot by director Riley Blakeway a few years back. It's the perfect partner to 'Time to Walk Away': this lead single is of course about the ending of a relationship.

It foretells the arrival of Purple Noon, a project entirely written, recorded and produced by Greene. Reportedly, it'll rhapsodise on the coastlines of Mediterranean and its party islands. 

Purple Noon Track List:

1. Too Late
2. Face Up
3. Time to Walk Away
4. Paralyzed
5. Reckless Desires
6. Game of Chance
7. Leave You Behind
8. Don’t Go
9. Hide
10. Haunt

Purple Noon arrives 7 August via Sub Pop


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Photo: Blair Greene