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Jessie Atkinson
17:30 30th June 2020

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Let's visit the nineties shall we? Fontaines D.C. take us there on their brand new single 'Televised Mind'. It's another taste of the forthcoming sophomore album A Hero's Death, out at the end of July on Partisan Records.

All relentless bass and distant Britpop vocals filtered through what sounds like a television tube, Fontaines D.C. have delivered a third single with a surprising sonic direction. It follows the slick lead single 'A Hero's Death' and the intensely sombre 'I Don't Belong'.

This one toys with the 1990's - in sound and style. Overdrive is almost all the way up - far enough to deserve comparisons to shoegaze - and there's a taste of industrial, grunge and Brit Pop in there too.

Plus, frontman Grian Chatten could pass for a young Gallagher in the retro visuals:

On the single's themes, Chatten said: “This song is about the echo chamber, and how personality gets stripped away by surrounding approval. People’s opinions get reinforced by constant agreement, and we’re robbed of our ability to feel wrong."

"We were listening to a lot of The Prodigy and The Brian Jonestown Massacre...I was interested in extrapolating those types of chord progressions and capturing this droning, hypnotic feel."

A Hero's Death was produced by UK Producer of the Year Dan Carey - the man behind Mercury-nominated debut Fontaines album Dogrel and cult London label Speedy Wunderground. 

A Hero's Death Track List:

1. I Don’t Belong
2. Love Is The Main Thing
3. Televised Mind
4. A Lucid Dream
5. You Said
6. Oh Such A Spring
7. A Hero’s Death
8. Living In America
9. I Was Not Born
10. Sunny
11. No

A Hero's Death arrives 31 July 2020 via Partisan Records

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Photo: Ellius Grace