For feeling and transcending the sadness
Jessie Atkinson
15:35 30th June 2020

Courtney Marie Andrews continues her tear-strewn campaign towards her new album Old Flowers with another hearbreaking single. 'How You Get Hurt' is the fourth taste of the LP, which had its release date pushed back from June to July because of the pandemic.

'How You Get Hurt' is a traditional acoustic venture through heartbreak. Piano and guitar play gently as Andrews pours her pain into the world through startling vocals. It's another example of decadent sadness from the singer-songwriter - just the kind of thing for wallowing and then feeling better to.

With a string of gorgeous singles, Old Flowers is shaping up beautifully.

We spoke to Andrews at her home in Tennessee earlier this year to find out how she's doing living alone in quarantine. She offered some advice to those artists among us: "Now is the time to create just to create. Just purely to create and to hone that and to try and find something important for the world to hold onto" she told us. 

Read more of her experience and advice here.

Old Flowers arrives 24 July via Fat Possum Records.

Photo: Press