She shares a poem of her own writing along with it
Jessie Atkinson
10:48 11th June 2020

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Arlo Parks has shared a beautiful, haunting cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' along with a poem inspired by the cult track. She announced the project yesterday in a moving note that said "the last few weeks absorbing art has been saving my life".

Filmed in an empty room decorated by shafts of light, Parks takes to the grand piano, adding new texture to the twenty-eight year old song. Her distinctive vocal adds new grooves to the introverts anthem. 

In the context of her heartfelt Twitter note, the extraordinary cover is goose pimple-inducing. 

The accompanying video will appear as part of a short film directed by Tom Dream. Shy Radicals will draw on the manifesto of Hamja Ahsan, which calls for introverts to rise up and overthrow extrovert-supremacy.

Arlo Parks' note went on to say: "I have been singing and I would like to share it with you."

"This is a life-long commitment to actualising change - to those with platforms: we must use our voices with clarity and purpose - we must speak against injustice and racism for the rest of our careers," she added.

Most recently, Parks released a heartfelt single about helping depressed friends out of the mire of poor mental health. 'Black Dog' is out now. 

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