The Trussell Trust will receive every penny the album makes
Jessie Atkinson
12:47 15th May 2020

Wolf Alice guitarist Joff Oddie has released an instrumental album. To Mr Fahey was released today in aid of food bank charity The Trussell Trust. Folksy and light, it's an acoustic LP that's far from the grittier sounds of his Mercury-winning band.

Drifting through ten acoustic covers, including Nick Drake's 'Far Leys' and Merle Travis' 'Cannonball Rag', Oddie finger-picks his way through some mighty complex standards. In final track 'To Mr Fahey', Oddie presents a piece written by himself.

The album is an instrumental lilt and a raw presentation of Oddie's talent as a guitarist.

On his decision to donate funds made from the album to food bank charity The Trussell Trust, Oddie said: "every single penny of profit from this record will be going to the Trussell Trust, a food bank charity, who at present give out over 1.33 million food parcels a year to those in need across the U.K. It is organisations like this, and the kind hearted individuals who make them up, that act as a guiding light to us all in these dark and troubled times.”

The album was recorded in 2019, and Oddie's statement taken from a note written in November. As the country slips into another recession, his words have never been more poignant.

To Mr Fahey is out now. 

Photo: Andy DeLuca