Then check out his full debut mixtape Inside/Outside
Jessie Atkinson
16:29 13th May 2020

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A new voice to get excited about today (13 April): check out these cheerful soul sounds from brand new artist Sid Stone. With his debut single 'Better Alone', the multi-instrumentalist stakes his claim somewhere between Sam Smith and Chet Faker.

'Better Alone' is a plinky piano piece with a chorus of backing vocals making us feel as though we're out and about among - gasp - other people again. It's part of a debut mixtape titled Inside/Outside and a neat sum-up of what Stone can do: among his many talents, this new artist can't half sing.

A best mate of Joy Anonymous, Stone makes some serious moves as Sam Smith's cooler alternative. Give it a listen and tell us if we're wrong:

The Inside/Outside mixtape is out now, and it contains a clutch of uplifting moments recorded at Mick Jones' studio in North Acton. 'Better Alone' sits at its centre, a sunny ode to being alone.

"It's all about making peace with being alone, but also it can come out of situations built on friendship and love." Stone said of the single.

Inside/Outside mixtape is out now.

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