The Bristolians perfectly imitate existential anxiety on the new cut
Jessie Atkinson
17:42 2nd December 2019

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Blood, sweat and tears out for the lads with the new one from post-punk band Cruelty. 'Leather Boy' is a relentless assault that imitates romantic anxiety and the onset of a panic attack with impressive accuracy. The song is out on Permanent Creeps Records now. 

'Leather Boy' is a raw and emotional guitar tirade that sounds like psychic agony. All unrelenting drums, storms of guitars and propulsive bass, the new cut is pushed from start to end in a blinding flash of existential dread.

Vocalist Will Briscoe imitates a panic attack well in the catching shriek of his screams, his anxiety recognisable in anyone who has feared for their mental wellbeing. Hear the chanting assault:

On the lean cut, Cruelty said: “Leather boy is the uncertainty of romantic anxiety channelled through sound. Sonically inspired by the slow build up of tension felt in the early stages of a panic attack and lyrically referencing grounding rituals associated with dissociation, Leather Boy is a song meant to be felt in the gut, rather than thought about in the head.”

Thanks to that beating kick drum and the agonised voice of Briscoe, 'Leather Boy' achieves its goals with ease. Cruelty are from Bristol and have been handpicked by IDLES for their Bruiser show. They have supported Kagoule, Bad Breeding and JOHN on tour.

'Leather Boy' is out on Permanent Creeps now. 

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