It announces the EP Ladders To The Sun
Jessie Atkinson
11:51 22nd November 2019

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Stereo Honey have returned after a short break with high drama on new single 'My Darkness'. The new cut announces an EP, Ladders To The Sun, coming 6 March 2020. 

Pounding, gutteral drums surge behind drawn out guitar notes and rushes of ominous synth on the new single, which is available to stream now alongside the previously released 'You Are A Monster'. The impressive four-piece evoke images of running, chased, through a forest at dusk on their cinematic new sound. Hear it:

Produced by Dave Eringa, this new tune and the EP it will be attached to will explore themes of apathy, mental health and death. Lead vocalist and lyricist Pete elucidates on 'My Darkness': "It's about getting lost with someone I love. Asking someone to be there when you're at your worst. 'can I have you in my darkness' is asking a person if they'll be there in the pits of those times."

Ladders To The Sun will feature both 'My Darkness' and 'You Are A Monster' as well as three more new songs. It's to be the first part of a series of new music releases, puported to culminate in a Stereo Honey album at the end of 2020. 

Ladders To The Sun tracklist:

1. Change/Fade
2. Ladders To The Sun
3. You Are A Monster
4. My Darkness
5. Second Chance

Ladders To The Sun EP will drop 6 March 2020 via LAB Records.

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