The new single is a nineties-woven storm in a teacup
Jessie Atkinson
15:00 19th September 2019

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Critics’ darling Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, is back with her first single since 2018 album Clean. ‘lucy’ is a 5-minute slice of alt-pop with a darker edge than previous releases.

Beginning with a chiming guitar riff and welcoming a slicing counter-melody, ‘lucy’ has all of the hallmarks of a song used during a montage in a nineties movie set in a high school - whether that movie is a Stephen King or a John Hughes is not entirely clear… 

“Quit taunting me” Allison sings over a billowing wind of guitars in a removed, almost bewitched tone, adding an irresistible dose of corruptible innocence to a song of wall-to-wall alternative-pop.

On the single, Allison said: “‘lucy’ is a really fun song for me because it has a dark, evil vibe. It’s a song about struggling with inner demons and your own morality, but I masked it with this scenario of being seduced by the devil”

Listen closely to the lyrics for a full understanding of why you might not want to mess with the girl in ‘lucy.' One example: “I look in the mirror and the darkness looks back at me.”

Soccer Mommy will go on tour in support of Vampire Weekend, and then Wilco starting next week. 

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Photo: Brian Ziff