The Kinks frontman Ray Davies gatecrashes our chat at the AIM Awards
Jessie Atkinson
19:43 3rd September 2019

Debbie Harry is joined by The Kinks legend Ray Davies as Gigwise chats her new memoir Face It. Talking about the one-off memoir, out 1 October, Harry said that the name was inspired in part by the thousands of portraits she has been sent from fans over the years.

“I had a lot of artwork from the past that was given to me by fans and many…I saved because I thought they were interesting and sweet.”

Continuing to explain the title of her book Face It, Harry said that the meaning is coupled with “the idea of facing up to your past. It’s easy to go on day to day never really looking back and thats what I’ve always appreciated and tried to do.

And then all of a sudden to put the brakes on and go over everything is a little painful; a little tedious. But the idea of facing it seemed to work."

With musical and personal anecdotes, Harry recognises that she has no control over what people choose to focus on, but jovially quips: "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!" 

The Kinks legend, Ray Davies, who presented Harry with her Outstanding Contribution award at the AIM celebrations tonight, joined in to listen to the conversation, asking what publishing and editing team helped her to publish her book (Harper Collins.)

Will there be an autobiography from The Kinks frontman yet? We'll have to wait to find out. 

Debbie Harry's memoir Face It will hit the shelves on 1 October. 

Photo: Press