Beatle admits album song is estranged wife…
Jason Gregory

10:11 22nd June 2007

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Paul McCartney has revealed that one of the song’s on his latest album, ‘Memory Almost Full,’ is about his estranged wife Heather Mills.

The former Beatle has confessed that, ‘See Your Sunshine,’ was written when the couple were experiencing happier times.

"That is pretty much an out-and-out love song for Heather. A lot of the album was done before, during and after our separation. I didn't go back and take out any songs to do with her.”

He added: "That one was written during a good time with Heather. I’m not a great grudge-holder. It's just unfortunate it didn't work out,” reports dotmusic.

McCartney’s solo album became the most successful of his career when it was released earlier this month in the US and worldwide via Starbucks’, Hear Music record label.

As we reported yesterday, McCartney is already planning to release a follow-up album on the Coffee chain's new label.

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