Released via LA-based singles label IHC 1NFINITY, it’s explosive from the get-go
Elli Chappelhow

10:53 17th May 2019

Straddling multiple genres, with one foot firmly in 80s Scottish post-punk, and the other dipping its toes into 80s pop, art rock, indie and glam, Glaswegian revellers Walt Disco are an enticing proposition. They’re giving their beloved 80s sounds (Simple Minds, The Associates) a fresh lick of paint, 2019 style - and creating something completely new and of-the-moment, which glitters and sparkles in comparison to their more sombre contemporaries.

Setting their statement of intent right from the get-go on new track ‘Strange To Know Nothing’ is frontman James Potter’s theatrically warbling vocal. Shimmering synths float over strutting and stabbing guitar, all finished off with lavishly grandiose production. It’s a song that will surely be spinning around your mind all day; the track is peppered with a slinky groove that’s as brooding as it is catchy. Think: goth dragged onto the dancefloor in a prom dress, and you won’t be far off.

‘Strange To Know Nothing’ is a standout track in their live set, epitomising their explosive sound and dramatics combined with their irresistible hooks. Feline frontman James Potter’s fluid movements onstage are something to behold - he meanders and curls around the stage, flexing and extending limbs with an idiosyncratic theatricality. Walt Disco’s sound is also reflected in their visual inspiration, taking their flamboyance and androgyny from the New Romantic style (and from scouring the Scottish charity shops). 

Here’s what Gigwise said about their set at The Great Escape: “A beautifully androgynous treat for your eyes, Walt Disco are a shimmering, warbling, glittering, angular, 80s New Romantic wet dream. They’re lustful, theatrical and thrive on unpredictability; frontman James Potter stalks around the stage and lurches into the crowd, swinging off monitors and getting up close and personal with those lucky enough to be in the front row.”

Miss this lot at your peril, before you’ll have to form an orderly queue…

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Photo: Dylan Moore