A calm offering full of powerful potential
Elli Chappelhow

17:44 16th April 2019

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Introducing Zooni, the art-pop outfit hailing from the creative seaside hotspot of Brighton. 

Their debut single ‘Pany’ is as expansive as the open ocean. Gentle, hypnotic synths wash over you and hold you in a calm, watery embrace, while delicate piano sounds gently lull you into a dream state, like waves lapping at a sandy shore. 

However hypnotic the track may first appear, it still somehow keeps you on the edge of your seat; angular, anxious guitars are underpinned by fragile beats. The delicacy of this track lies within this fragility; it’s not dissimilar to the tension of when you fill up a glass to the rim, knowing any moment it could spill over.

Although minimalism is often harder to achieve than complexity, that’s not to say that Zooni’s sound is flat and lacking in depth. In actuality, they have deeper depths to explore, much like the unexplored ocean floor. Layer upon layer of intriguing and intricate sonic textures embellish this impressive debut, which has been making waves in the industry; their first release dived straight into the famed ‘New Music UK’ playlist on Spotify. Discovered and signed by Mercury and Brit award winning producer Charlie Andrew (Alt J, Nick Mulvey, Marika Hackman, Benjamin Francis Leftwich), the future is looking bright for Zooni with the backing of the mastermind behind the likes of Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave. Listen to ‘Pany’ below:

The band have built up a reputation for their atmospheric live show; playing at unusual time signatures yet still managing to stay tight as a unit, makes their live performance a sight to behold. Catch them at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton on Thursday 9 May, or their gig at the Boileroom in Guildford on the 7 May. 

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