An ode to loneliness
Meg Berridge

10:25 15th April 2019

I’m changing my religion and I want Courtney Barnett to baptise me. The New Testament of rock is being chiseled into the back of a guitar. Barnett is Jesus and ‘Everybody Here Hates You’ is the ruthless cousin of a lesson that once said ‘love thy neighbour’. It’s also the first release from the Australian genius since her 2018 album Tell Me How You Really Feel. 

This ode to loneliness was recorded last year whilst she took a break from her third album. Although the four-minute long number is tastefully unadorned, it is sonically refined, keeping what it needs and doing it well. Embracing the beauty in simplicity. Listen to the track below:

Having completely derailed from her lustrous second album style, Barnett has found a new lover, the blues. ‘Everybody Here Hates You’ encompasses the singer’s trademark drawl and loquacity which is slung upon the rollicking rhythm. Meanwhile, the guitar, sultry and gruff, twangs away alongside menial drones of eldritch organ. The slips, licks and slurps of her guitar moan a thousand words. It’s all very laid-back. Even the chorus has been taken down several pegs from ‘Pedestrian At Best’. Nonetheless, it still has ample sing-a-long potential. Courtney Barnett, wife of the pentatonic scale and God(ess) of rock. 

Photo: Mia Mala McDonald/Press