A fundraising gig has been announced to help safeguard the independent venue's future
Cai Trefor
13:05 26th March 2019

The Chemical Brothers have joined the campaign to save The Social by announcing a fundraising gig at said intimate Soho music haunt on Sunday 12 April 2019. 

Doors for this rare event headlined by the superstar DJs are open at 6pm - 1am and Justin Roberts (Heavenly Jukebox) will be warming up the stage. You can join the waiting list for tickets here now.

The Chemical Brothers never play somewhere this intimate and they're doing it for a very just cause of saving one of the last music venues in Soho.

The announcement by the Chemical Brothers sees them joining forces with a host of musicians, artists and others fearing for plight of the Social venue, which was put up for sale by the owners. Like a poked hornets nest, those working for the Social have mobilised quickly and are doing everything in their power to stop the wrecking ball of bigger business' trying to claim this profitable, sought after central location.

One thing in particular that's been successful is their crowdfunding campaign. They sought to raise 95K to stop its imminent sale and take it off the market - and it was successful and reached its target.

The campaign continues as they attempt to "buy a bigger chunk of the business and plan the Social’s future." And it's for this that the money raised from the ticket sales to The Chemical Brothers comes in handy. There is a need to continue to safeguard them from being outbid and not undo all the good work done so far. As well as money, The Chemical Brothers' appearance holds qualitative value: it sends out a loud message to those unsettling them that sheer numbers are out to stop any chance to the space. It is also a compliment about the value that artists put on the music venue.

We're sure many of you agree, this shoebox of a room with a great soundsystem and expert curation from a team involved with Heavenly Recordings is one of the best things about the capital. Replacing it with anything else would be a travesty for the arts and for the capital in general. And perhaps this time we can look back and see what can be done when people work together to stop something heinous happening to the city. Hats off then to The Chemical Brothers for showing us the importance of being politically active in such a situation. And long live any one nobly stirred by this campagin. 
This article was updated at 13:12 (26/03/19) to say there is a waiting list as opposed to tickets available because they sold out.

Photo: Nuno Cruz