Escape the chaos with this hypnotic two-minute beauty
Cai Trefor
18:04 14th March 2019

Beguiling Los Angeles Bay Area solo musician Salami Rose Joe Louis has today been announced as the latest addition to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder roster. She joins the likes of Thundercat, Daedelus, and Lapalux.

The first track shared by the keyboardist, beatmaker, planetary scientist (!) and singer since the big announcement is a downtempo gem called 'Nostalgic Montage'. It only takes two minutes of your time but we can bet it will be one of the best things you hear all week. The dreamlike intimacy of her voice woven with what sounds like an old Casio keyboard thrown through a bunch of processors invites space for mindful contemplation.

Indeed, it's very much the artist's intention to make music that does that and we think she achieves it.

"I hope it resonates with existential questions about home, identity, future, and self-awareness,” the polymath says in a statement.

In a way, signing to Brainfeeder seems like a natural move. She guested on PBDY's track on the 36-track Brainfeeder 10th anniversary boxset which came out last year. And PBDY works largely in a technical capacity mixing a lot of the music put out by the label and has a hand in curating the roster.

Of the signing, Salami Rose Joe Louis says: “This is truly a dream come true on every level [...] I greatly admire the fearlessness and creative integrity of the artists on Brainfeeder: they are willing to take risks, ask important questions, and let their freakiness shine through, which to me is paramount and inspires a generation to challenge the script.”

The first big exposure for Salami Rose Joe Louis since the announced signing is happening imminently. She opens for The Cinematic Orchestra on their UK and European tour which fits the headliners' back story of their album To Believe. They started it from scratch in Los Angeles and collaborated with a lot of artists in the experimental jazz/hip-hop scene down there, of which she is a part.

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If you want to hear more from Salami Rose Joe Louis than what's above, she has a couple of lo-fi albums on Bandcamp with romantic R&B and jazz-inspired vocals mixing with hip-hop beats. The rough edges of the recordings add somehow to its intimate charm.

You can listen to those records via this link 

Photo: Cinque Mubarak