The first video by the Arctic Monkeys/Milburn supergroup is here
Cai Trefor
13:57 18th February 2019

Two weeks ago, we were delighted to share 'Silk & Leather', the first new music from Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders and Milburn's Joe Carnall's Good Cop Bad Cop. It's the first music Joe Carnall has made outside of Milburn - the band who arguably shaped Arctic Monkeys' first album sound more than any other. And today we can share the video to the track.

It's a short film centring on two excellently-monikered detectives - DCI Silk and DCI Leather - who in their own, different ways, attempt to ween information out of a suspect. Played by Helders, the suspect's cool as ice under pressure feeling he has the upper hand throughout the embarrassing situation. The dimly-lit and slow motion shots all work well to conjure a claustrophobic atmosphere to the clip that has an inconclusive ending, leaving you asking questions, implying that the story may well continue on the next single (Good Cop Bad Cop's debut album is due on 29 March).

Of the thoroughly enjoyable new single (written by Carnall and produced by Helders) we said: "The synth-minded pop has some stylish, moody vocal tones intermittently fattened with backing vocals to make for a dynamic listen. The instrumentation hooks the listener with old drum machine beats, distorted bass tones and 80's analog sounding synth melodies."

As for the production being such a centre-piece in the music, a chat that Helders had with KEXP reveals it's recording - slowly but surely - seems to be becoming a way of life for the drummer:

"I’ve got a little studio set up at home now that, when I’m there, I can commit some time to,” he said. “That’s basically old drum machines and synthesisers – a bit more electronic and a bit more like soundtrack-y, like a John Carpenter kind of thing.”

Speaking of what Helders' new solo material without Milburn involved will be like, he added:

“There isn’t really a goal for what it will be yet. I’m just trying to drop in the tools in case, whether it’s a score or a record or what. I’m just enjoying it as a hobby and, when that leads to something, I think that feels a bit better for me when it’s, like, just something I wanted to do and have interest in.”

Photo: Press