The reformed band finally have a new cut to share
Cai Trefor
13:20 15th February 2019

Great news Alexisonfire fans - the Canadian rockers have today (15 February) put out their comeback single ‘Familiar Drugs’, their first new material in over nine years. You can listen to the track on Gigwise below.

The song follows their fourth studio album Old Crows / Young Cardinals released in 2009.

The gap is largely because Alexisonfire haven't given fans the steadiest of experiences. The band broke up in 2012 after 10 years of work when members Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil left to do other things. Green went on to work on his folk-project City and Colour, while MacNeil replaced Frank Carter as the frontman of Gallows.

But in 2015 they returned for a string of gigs and have remained fairly active ever since yet kept coy about studio work. The first sign anything was imminent came on 1 February this year when they posted their first cryptic message on social media to imply there was movement.

Today's release, two weeks later, comes as a welcome one: the Canadian rockers are sounding on top of their game and the reaction from fans online has been largely positive.

It's a truly triumphant return, too, that they are undoubtedly proud of. Loud, hypnotic Iommi-esque riffs mix with flash-y lead guitar parts and are underpinned by the fiercely pummelling rhythm section. The trademark mix of screamed vocals and sung parts is intact, but the bellowing sung part is more confident and likeable than ever.

Speaking about the track, frontman George Pettit says:

‘Familiar Drugs’ is about recognising you need to make a change in your life, being presented with the opportunity to make that change, and then choosing to do the same thing you always do,” he said.

“It’s about something very specific to me but it can be taken literally or interpreted in any number of ways. Most people have something in their lives they can’t quit: substances, unhealthy relationships, lethargy, self righteousness, a job they hate. ‘Familiar Drugs’ is about choosing comfort over self betterment.”


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