Ahead of political new album Stunning Luxury
Cai Trefor
13:30 18th January 2019

Snapped Ankles - the band who love to play shows dressed up as trees - are gearing up for the release of their album Stunning Luxury, out 1 March, by releasing new cut 'Rechargeable' today. You may stream it on Gigwise below.

The East London band, who sometimes use logs as instruments on stage, have been the subject of much serious debate: Noisey have implied the band may be making a serious artistic statement about wanting nature to reclaim the stage in an increasingly artificial world. Or, they could have done it for a laugh - it's probably a bit of both. Whichever way, Snapped Ankles, ultimately, have become one of the most hyped alternative bands.  Thanks to formidable live show, they truly owned 2018.

The track streaming below bodes well for a strong year ahead for them. It features a hint of glam rock and psych pop with throbbing Krautrock rhythms. Strange, abrasive synth flourishes linger over the top of the mix and together it's a potent force to break you out of slumber.

.As for the album this is taken from - Stunning Luxury - its themes are disdainful in nature, yet empowering, too.

Largely, it's a swipe against some of the ills of living in London in 2019. For instance, the above cut shows dissent towards the capitalist working week. The band say in a press release the track's "a call to harness the kinetic energy of dance to push against the rigid continuity of the daily routine."

And being a multifarious beast of an album, the tracks take on various other issues. Central to its theme, though - and this is given away as a clue in the album title - is gentrification. Such are their riled, nobly stirred feelings against it, they've created an artful protest in song and in set design. We are told in the press release they will swap their log instruments for "To Let” and “For Sale” signs. And their protest touches on something personal: luxury flats are threatrning their warehouse living. 

If this happens when they're next on stage; if they physically become symbols of "the property developers and brokers who heat the market on the promise of Stunning Luxury", it's a truly memorable way of bringing up something unjust. The demise of affordable rent space for artists in the capital is something that needs addressing.

If their politically active streak and penchant for unruly alternative rock sounds up your street then you'll be pleased to know Snapped Ankles are on tour of England and Scotland's finest small venues. Check here for tickets.


23 Brighton, Mutations Festival
28 London Oslo


06 Manchester Deaf Institute
07 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
08 Liverpool, Invisible Wind Factory
09 Newcastle, Star and Shadow Cinema
10 Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's (SOLD OUT)
Mon 11 Mar Mono Glasgow
Thu 14 Mar The Exchange Bristol, UK

Stunning Luxury tracklist:
1. A1. Pestisound (Moving Out)
2. A2. Tailpipe
3. A3. Letter from Hampi Mountain
4. A4. Rechargeable
5. A5. Delivery Van
6. B1. Three Steps to a Development
7. B2. Skirmish in the Suburbs
8. B3. Dial the Rings on a Tree
9. B4. Drink and Glide
10. B5. Dream and Formaldehyde v

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Photo: Shaun Gordon