Spaced out takes of Joy Division from a band featuring a member of Interpol
Cai Trefor
13:13 17th January 2019

Jäh Division are gearing up for the release of an extended version of their 2004 Dub Will Tear Us Apart EP by streaming 'Isolation Dub'. Listen to it on Gigwise below.

The project that is thought to have started as a joke by Brad Truax (Home, now Interpol) and Barry London (Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue) went on to become critically acclaimed. They were joined on stage and in the studio by Oneida drummer Kid Millions, Chris Millstein (Home, later of Psychic Ills), and occasionally other members of Oneida and Animal Collective.

The 2004 release originally had four superbly title tracks: 'Transmission Dub', 'Heart + Soul Dub', 'Dub Disorder, and the title track 'Dub Will Tear Us Apart'.

Now, thanks to the fact Jäh Division has stayed quietly together since their formation in the early 00s in Williamsburg, they've opted to reissue the release that by extending it by five tracks - three from the original session, two from a scrapped album Dub Will Tear Us Apart…

The expanded reissue via Ernest Jenning Record Co on January 24, titled Dub Will Tear Us Apart…Again will come as welcome news from vinyl collectors because the original release saw on 800 physical copies released. 

If spaced out Joy Division songs by gnarly musicians sounds like your cup of tea and you're based in New York, Jäh Will Tear Us Apart are performing Brooklyn's The Bell House this Friday. Check here for details.

Dub Will Tear Us Apart... Again tracklist:

1.Transmission Dub
2.Heart and Soul Dub
3.Disorder Dub
4.Dub Will Tear Us Apart
5.Isolation Dub
6.Paramount Lobby
7.Sloppy Homework
8.Fu Manchu Dub
9.Champion of the Arena Dub

Photo: Press