Watch the ‘Juice’ singer in a mind-blowing battle initiation with Will Ferrell
Jessie Atkinson
11:34 10th January 2019

In heart-skipping, mind-melting news of the year so far: distinguished anchorman Ron Burgundy has challenged indie pop star Lizzo to a flute battle. The incredible meeting of worlds follows extremely-good new single ‘Juice,’ which is already top of our 2019 Bangers list.

In the early hours of this morning (UK time), Lizzo posted a video of turtleneck-supremo Ron Burgundy playing a small ditty on his famed flute. In it, the legendary newsman addresses the bop-begetter directly:

“Lizzo,” he says, in that charismatic boom of his, “I accept your challenge: this is for you” before plunging into a passable display of flautist aerobics. It is, as Lizzo’s comment suggests, to be “THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY.”

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“Who y’all betting on?” she asks, and we have to be honest here: we’re betting on her. Not only does she have the juice, and the ability to churn out banger after banger, but Lizzo’s a talented flautist that even Ron is unlikely to match. She’s shared videos of her playing Future’s song ‘Mask Off’, her own bop ‘Coconut Oil’, and a series of classical pieces followed by the lyric “suck my dick.” We implore you to check out her highlighted story for evidence of her talent. 

Really, we’re not sure Ron has much of a chance - even if his flute’s aflame and he’s wearing Sex Panther cologne. Oh, and you can listen to 'Juice' here;

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